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Back or not…

Hi guys!

After not writing for almost a month, I’m back, I guess. Hehe. Anyway, before I went on break last Nov. 20, I could almost tell that a not-so-very-good event’s gonna happen, and yes, I was SOOOO right.

Been reading multiply updates from colleagues and I’m not enjoying the content. It seems that the office scene has become too emotional and chaotic than it ever had. Our account is currently undergoing the “D” word. Downsizing. WTF? Some will be transferred to other accounts, some will be retained in the account, and some, well, I’m not even sure. It’s hard to transition from a non-voice account to a voice account. From what I heard, HR’s been doing interviews to evaluate if the person is qualified.

I feel sad in a way, not for myself, but for my colleagues. I guess, I’m taking this situation as a sign that it’s time for me to move on.

I’m not even hoping to be retained, nor it crossed my mind that our ever-so-good-in-communicating TEAM MANAGER ever picks me, as me and my group in the office once had an issue with him. Well, there’s no issue, if he hadn’t taken it personally. What a power tripper.

I’ve been told that he was the one doing the picking. I say, how can he know who to pick when he doesn’t even talk to his people? All he does is sit in his station, and surf the net for what sites??? I’m guessing, PORN. I’m also guessing that he’s  abusing the use of the Spark Messenger with his ever-so-USER BOSS, our account’s OPERATIONS’ MANAGER, together with the OM’s ever-so-loyal-plastic sidekick who keeps sending company policies in our ever so limited mailbox and whatnot.

I hope he gets to read this!!!

I know you guys hate hate blogs, but I really hate him!!!

Hey, PAUL, fck you!

More updates on next time.

prayers please…

Just a moment ago, 10:00 AM, I received an IM from a batchmate in college. She was asking me to include her in my prayers.

I didn’t ask what her problem was, but I can feel that it’s something big, something she feels she cannot handle.

I’m having mixed emotions right now. Sad and a bit surprised. We’re not that close in our batch, but she’s someone I consider a friend. I hope she gets through it, whatever it is.


Approve ang leave ko on Nov 15th to Dec 1. Yey! 🙂 Kaso wala ng pay, kaya pagbalik ko, salary nung Nov 15th at 30th plus ung xmas bonus. Ang pooooor ko. Wala ako salary sa 15th ng Dec. Huhu. Di bale. Regaluhan ninyo nalang ako. 🙂


I hate it when a person uses another person to gain whatever it is that he or she needs to gain. And if you’re talking to me because you want to gain something, or worse, use me, then I’ll say this to you right away: “GO TO HELL”

Just because your old friends don’t like you anymore, you’d settle for me? (assuming, e, ano? heheh) Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t want to be used either, you know, the way you used, I mean, the way you are still using this common friend of ours.

Before I heard the story, I was willing to let you in (meaning: let you hang out with us). I was actually wondering why they hate you now. But I guess they do have the right reasons to hate you, so go ask yourself what those reasons are.

I know you won’t be reading this, so I don’t care that much.

You’re too sensitive, but definitely insensitive to others You feel perfect, but you aren’t perfect like all human beings are.

In the long run, Karma will be bitchin’ its way through your door. And I’m telling you, you’re not gonna like it. Hmm.

For all the times you used this other friend, I hope you’d feel three times the pain  he felt every time you used him!

So what if he’s a member of the 3rd sex, at least he’s not a CLOSET KING like you.

And since you won’t be reading this, I might as well say what I truly feel.

So that when the time you’d come across my blog, you’ll truly know what I feel.






Yay! My 100th post in WP

Hmm. What is there to talk about?


Prison Break Season 3 just premiered last Monday in the states. When kaya dito? Thanks Joyx (my YM buddy from time to time) for telling me about it. Sigh…

Anyway, I’m watching it right now while editing and while blogging. Oh, great, I’m practicing my multi-tasking skill. Teehee. For people who can’t wait to see it click this link. But you must not be on dial-up if you want to enjoy it ’cause Veoh is kinda slow sometimes. And I’m not sure about youtube ’cause I did try to watch the season 2 finale but it was cut into just 20 mins from the original 40 + minutes of the last episode.

Heroes, according to Joyx will start on the 26th and not the 24th.

Last Wednesday, I got to chat with my so-called twin sis Abzturr (again, I’m not using real names here) from LA. I’m happy that she’s only a year a way in completing her degree. I’m proud of you TS. I’m not sure though if you’d be able to read this because I plan to keep it anonymous. Only 6 people I personally know know about this blog. Two co-workers and 4 long time friends.

Last night my mom had her weekly massage, so I asked her if I could also get a massage. And boy oh boy, it was good. Slept like a baby after the session. 😀 Thanks Sis F for the massage.

Near the end.

To kind of end this post and to end some of my future posts, I’ve decided to include a random question thingy each time I finish an entry.


“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”


The last time I did something for the first time?

Got out of my mom’s womb? Kidding. Let me see, well the last time I did something for the first time was last Aug 19. I love to cook but it was my first time to make blueberry cheesecake ( I’ll try to post a picture soon and I hope I’d get to do it again). Yummy. You might say that my answer’s “corny” but there’s something memorable with that experience. Tee hee. Oh well…

Now I am ending my 100th post.


Til later.

My morning


Hmm. After minutes of sitting in front of my computer here in the office, ay sus, wala na.

I was swearing and cursing and all!

Me: t@$#*#*()$*# mo, lift it up ka dyan. (I’m talking about the file I’m working on.)

Sigh. Hehe…

But anyway, I’m feeling a little weird because I actually am not my usual lazy self today. 😀 teehee. But no OTs for me still.

My two days


Yep, you read it right, my two days, not my two cents.

We were swamped with files last week, but I never volunteered myself to render overtime. And you know what? I’m so glad I didn’t. It’s been almost two months since my last overtime, and by the way, I’m so not in the mood to go to work either. I don’t know. I remember my first few months at work, I remember how much I loved what I was doing, unlike now. Garrr.



For the record: I did not change because I wanted to, but you made me change because something’s wrong with you.

Well, office, see you tomorrow. Don’t make me hate you more.


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