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got no time…open letter, mates

This post will be a quick one.

I’ll be back on the 15th on time if I don’t get caught with the Qantas strike.
Hopefully, I get to update my blog.
I miss my wp-pinoy mates. How are you guys? I miss the country, but I’m gonna miss New Zealand as well when I get back. Post some of my pictures soon. Middle Earth is such a wonderful place. Didn’t you know that New Zealand, or maybe this part of the world gets to celebrate New Year’s Day first? How’s the New Year’s Day in the Philippines? I hope everyone got a blast, well, not literally. Lol. 🙂

Anyway, did you get to do the x-mas meet-up with Dr. Joy? Had loads of fun? Hope to join you sometime.

See yah!!!


Yay! My 100th post in WP

Hmm. What is there to talk about?


Prison Break Season 3 just premiered last Monday in the states. When kaya dito? Thanks Joyx (my YM buddy from time to time) for telling me about it. Sigh…

Anyway, I’m watching it right now while editing and while blogging. Oh, great, I’m practicing my multi-tasking skill. Teehee. For people who can’t wait to see it click this link. But you must not be on dial-up if you want to enjoy it ’cause Veoh is kinda slow sometimes. And I’m not sure about youtube ’cause I did try to watch the season 2 finale but it was cut into just 20 mins from the original 40 + minutes of the last episode.

Heroes, according to Joyx will start on the 26th and not the 24th.

Last Wednesday, I got to chat with my so-called twin sis Abzturr (again, I’m not using real names here) from LA. I’m happy that she’s only a year a way in completing her degree. I’m proud of you TS. I’m not sure though if you’d be able to read this because I plan to keep it anonymous. Only 6 people I personally know know about this blog. Two co-workers and 4 long time friends.

Last night my mom had her weekly massage, so I asked her if I could also get a massage. And boy oh boy, it was good. Slept like a baby after the session. 😀 Thanks Sis F for the massage.

Near the end.

To kind of end this post and to end some of my future posts, I’ve decided to include a random question thingy each time I finish an entry.


“When was the last time you did something for the first time?”


The last time I did something for the first time?

Got out of my mom’s womb? Kidding. Let me see, well the last time I did something for the first time was last Aug 19. I love to cook but it was my first time to make blueberry cheesecake ( I’ll try to post a picture soon and I hope I’d get to do it again). Yummy. You might say that my answer’s “corny” but there’s something memorable with that experience. Tee hee. Oh well…

Now I am ending my 100th post.


Til later.