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Here’s the original version of Landslide by Fleetwood Mac written by stevie nicks

grasping at straws

grasping at straws

1. trying to find reasons to feel hopeful about a bad situation. She thinks he might still be interested because he calls her now and then but I think she’s clutching at straws.

2. trying to find some way to succeed when nothing you choose is likely to work. Jerry, grasping at straws, searched the backup tapes from last week, looking for the missing files.


Sentence of the day…

“Birds of the same feathers flock together.”

I’ll elaborate on that one on my next post. I’m busy as hell.

Memorial Day

It’s a holiday in the US. Cool. Nothing much to say, ’cause my Day 1 predicition( refer to previous post) is definitely not going to push through. For one, my gym buddy left early ’cause of allergies. And I’m gonna go home on time today. Whew. I guess I’m not good at predicting after all.


I’ve been on PTO since the 24th and tomorrow, I’m back in the game, sadly. I know I should be happy going to work but obviously, I can’t be happy. I mean, I miss school and summer vacation, although I don’t like summer. Today is B’s first day of school after a three-week summer vacation and I can’t help but envy him. I really do miss school. Sniff. It makes me realize how fast and how short life is. Yesterday, you’re a kid, now you’re an adult.

What now?

It’s exactly five days after my graduation and I still am not looking for a job. Any suggestions on where to look?

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