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got no time…open letter, mates

This post will be a quick one.

I’ll be back on the 15th on time if I don’t get caught with the Qantas strike.
Hopefully, I get to update my blog.
I miss my wp-pinoy mates. How are you guys? I miss the country, but I’m gonna miss New Zealand as well when I get back. Post some of my pictures soon. Middle Earth is such a wonderful place. Didn’t you know that New Zealand, or maybe this part of the world gets to celebrate New Year’s Day first? How’s the New Year’s Day in the Philippines? I hope everyone got a blast, well, not literally. Lol. 🙂

Anyway, did you get to do the x-mas meet-up with Dr. Joy? Had loads of fun? Hope to join you sometime.

See yah!!!


Back or not…

Hi guys!

After not writing for almost a month, I’m back, I guess. Hehe. Anyway, before I went on break last Nov. 20, I could almost tell that a not-so-very-good event’s gonna happen, and yes, I was SOOOO right.

Been reading multiply updates from colleagues and I’m not enjoying the content. It seems that the office scene has become too emotional and chaotic than it ever had. Our account is currently undergoing the “D” word. Downsizing. WTF? Some will be transferred to other accounts, some will be retained in the account, and some, well, I’m not even sure. It’s hard to transition from a non-voice account to a voice account. From what I heard, HR’s been doing interviews to evaluate if the person is qualified.

I feel sad in a way, not for myself, but for my colleagues. I guess, I’m taking this situation as a sign that it’s time for me to move on.

I’m not even hoping to be retained, nor it crossed my mind that our ever-so-good-in-communicating TEAM MANAGER ever picks me, as me and my group in the office once had an issue with him. Well, there’s no issue, if he hadn’t taken it personally. What a power tripper.

I’ve been told that he was the one doing the picking. I say, how can he know who to pick when he doesn’t even talk to his people? All he does is sit in his station, and surf the net for what sites??? I’m guessing, PORN. I’m also guessing that he’s  abusing the use of the Spark Messenger with his ever-so-USER BOSS, our account’s OPERATIONS’ MANAGER, together with the OM’s ever-so-loyal-plastic sidekick who keeps sending company policies in our ever so limited mailbox and whatnot.

I hope he gets to read this!!!

I know you guys hate hate blogs, but I really hate him!!!

Hey, PAUL, fck you!

More updates on next time.

To do…

Nothing to do here at the office, which is kinda fine with me ’cause it’s not like this every day.

Flight was moved on the 20th to Dec 10, but I’m hoping to get back on the 6th ’cause of the bf’s birthday on the 7th. I forgot that it’s actually the peak season and I’m guessing that there’d be lots of pinoys on flight back to Manila. It’s hard to book a flight right now, you’re either good on your way there, but waitlisted on your way back. Lesson learned, book early, which I didn’t.

I’m currently listening to Everyday from the High School Musical 2.

Once in a lifetime
means there’s no second chance
so I believe than you and me
should grab it while we can

Make it last forever
and never give it back

It’s our turn, and I’m loving’ where we’re at

[Troy y Gabriella]
Because this moment’s really all we have

of our lives,

wanna find you there, wanna hold on tight

Gonna run
[Troy y Gabriella]
While we’re young
and keep the faith

Well, that’s what I’ve been up to today.
Anyway, I was late for two consecutive days, yesterday and today due to the heavy traffic in Buendia. Garr.


pahingi naman ng swerte sa mga swerte dyan.

Nagbigay na ko ng letter sa TM namen, and I’m crossing my fingers, sana i-approve nya ang leave ko. May ticket na ako, at papatayin ako ng tita ko kung icacancel ko yun, dahil sa pagkakaalam ko, non-refundable un. Waah. Kaya share some luck. Hihi.

At wala din naman ako balak i-cancel, dahil gusto ko din talaga mag punta dun. More than 10 years na kami hindi nagkikita nung pinsan ko na nag aya sa akin na pumunta dun. Tsk tsk. And if next year pa ako pupunta, malamang bumalik na siya ng states or kaya naman, nasa Europe na siya. Feeling namen, this November na lang ang last chance namin para magkita ulit.

At siguro, kailangan ko din muna mawala talaga sa office scene. Honestly, wala na ko reklamo hehe. 13 working days lang naman ang hinigingi ko.

Fingers crossed until wala lang. 😀


I’ve been exchangin e-mails with my cousin in New Zealand. And the more we write each other, the more I get excited to visit them. From what she writes me, there’re a ton of things that I’d get to do aside from the parasailing thingy that we’d be doing for her birthday.

There’d be a lot of swimming and going to the beach, and a lot of walking too. I should bring a lot of sun block ’cause I literally “burn” easily. Wahaha.

We’re also planning to do a roadtrip (if time permits) to Tauranga.

Sorry if I bore you with my excitement, it’s just that I’m happy that I’d be able to travel again. The last time I went out the country was like ages ago, when my mom took me for a vacation to Singapore and Malaysia.

Back on the local side of things

Plans for my restdays:

I’ll be helping the BF with his paperwork etc. But before helping him, he would have to drive me first to the grocery store ’cause I need to buy some stuff.

And on Monday, I’ll be renewing my passport.

Better get back to work.