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Round and Round

This is a complicated entry…

I love cats. Just this morning, I was playing with my two kittens, and then I realized that they aren’t kittens no more, but not completely adult cats either. I know some of you would prefer dogs as a pet, but cats, I think, is the right pet for me.

For one, I’m scared of dogs. But I would like to have my own dog in the future. I’m thinking of getting a shih-tzu or my all-time favorite, which some are saying, the laziest and not so cute dog ever, a bulldog. I don’t know, but I find their wrinkled face cute.

Back to my kittens.

This might bore you, but I wanted to write something about them, so I’ll fire away.

They were born on June 12, 2007. Four months tomorrow, weee.

A cross between a siamese and a tabby point.

Slim and muscular, a darker fur on the ears and tail, black paws like an actual siamase, and at the same time, a rounded belly like most of the tabby breed, and a few spots on their mocha-colored fur. I’ll post some pictures soon.

I’m still listening to Sheryl Crow, [me singing] the first cut is the deepest… [laugh]

And since it’s almost 6PM, I’ll be continuing this complicated entry tomorrow when I get back in the office.


Oct. 12, 8:28 AM

Today’s a regular holiday, and I’m in the office. Suxx, right? The only thing we get is the “double pay” thingy. TAXABLE. (#*@(&#*!!)