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rebate adventures

Oh My God. Guess what, I got my net connection back. FINALLY.

Now it’s time to bug them for my rebate! They better act fast ’cause they sure did a lot of damage. Anyway, here’s the problem according to the crew that fixed it, “factory defect.” That means it wasn’t really my fault, but their fault!

solved or not?

I can’t wait to go home and try out my connection. Oops, wrong sentence. It should’ve been, I can’t wait to get out of this effin office and ask my mom if SmartBro did fix the problem.

I hope they did.

Broadband problem solved?

I finally got my schedule for a field visit by being mean to the person I talked to. Sorry, girl. I woulnt have been a monster if you acted on the problem two weeks ago.

I requested, nothing happened.

I demanded, nothing happened.

I demanded even more, now I got the action that I wanted. Yes, I called them again, and this time, I was pissed. I waited for like 45 mins for someone to answer my call, gee, I actually thought they were avoiding my call. I was put on hold alot of times, and I told the girl that I wouldn’t put the phone down until I get my schedule! And finally, I got it.  It’ll be this Friday, but we’ll see.

They better come or else!!!

Next issue, my REBATE REQUEST. Do I have to be a monster(again) to get the service that I deserve?

Til my next adventure with SmartBro…

You’re probably wondering why I hadn’t change my broadband provider, well, here’s the thing, they’ll make you sign a contract which states that if you choose to have your service terminated without reaching a year, or I’n not so sure about this one, two years, you will be forced to pay a termination fee. My God.

Broadband prob. Still

Still no word from SmartBro. Hmm.

Patience. Patience. Patience.

Or else!!!

Stupid Service!!!