I know this is late…

I’m a SUPER Barangay Ginebra fan… lol.

Was a bit disappointed at the start of the season because they were on a losing streak during the first round of eliminations. Come a new import by the name of Chris Alexander and they went from a losing streak to a winning streak, winning 13 games in a row. Yay! They won over Redbull in the semis. Was there to witness it last July 27 at the Araneta Coliseum. Super exciting game.

I was also there during the finals game…unfortunately, we did not win. Tickets were free courtesy of Air21. Lol.

Game 7…

We Won! Yay!

Too bad i was not there to be part of it but I’m happy, happy, happy.

Here are some pics from July 27 and August 10.

The ones nearer the court are from the July 27 game and the ones a bit farther are from August 10.

Too bad i was just using my phone’s camera that’s why the pics are a bit of a crap if you’d ask me. Garr.

Been a fan since i was in grade 3. OMG, can you imagine that? I’m old now, i know.

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  1. Dan Mihaliak Said:

    I love the PBA can’t wait to attend games next year!

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