First Time…

Been on the 4am shift for the past two months and all i can say is that it is way betturrr than my previous graveyard shift for health and time reason.

Everytime I do the 4am shift, it is either I call Tai Taxi or have someone drop me off the office since I am too scared to ride a jeepney and walk a couple of blocks to get to my workplace at that very hour.

Things changed for the past two weeks since I have a coworker living near my place. Great, right? Same shift and neighbors, too. I was enjoying the fact that I am actually saving money now instead of just wasting 250 a day for my taxi transpo. This week, my coworker was transferred to the graveyard shift and I admit, i was a little disappointed because as i have said,i was enjoying the “saving” part.

Come Tuesday morning, I chose to try my luck and go to work by myself…

I went out of our house, every thing…Dark, thank God for the lightposts.

Main road…

Crossed the street…

Rode a jeepney…

I was the 1st passenger.

After a few meters, a group of girls (working in a nearby KTV) got in, too.

Wow. Thank God…

And then after a few more meters, more girls got in. Lol.

When it was time for me to go down, another jeepney stopped in front and my other office mate got out.

We walked a couple of blocks, and ta-dahhhh…

I arrived safely at the office.

or should i say, we? Lol.

Beginners’ Luck?

Hopefully not.

Did the same thing yesterday and today…

I’m really enjoying it.

No traffic. Not much people.

A big difference working 8-5pm or 9-6pm.

I love Mornings now.

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