Video Tripping

Still bumming around, but I’ve been looking for potential employers and I’m trying to stay away from the BPO scene and try my luck in something that’s related to my field. Hmm, goodluck with that one. 🙂

As I was sitting on my official bum seat, my computer chair in front of a pc, of course, I decided to watch videos from youtube. Since I’m in a sentimental mode right now, I tried to refrain from watching the usual punk-alternative-rock type of music I always watch and listen to. I started with a couple of Beatles songs. PGJ&R really rock the music world, or atleast my music world. I really can’t live without music. Thank God for Apple. Anyway, I also added a couple of OPM and New Wave songs to my playlist. I’m not really into hiphop and rnb though, but I have a couple of favorites in that genre.

If you could describe your present mood in a song, what song would it be?

Been thinking of a song for like the whole afternoon. I came up with Hey Jude, but instead of using Jude, I’ll replace it with SELF. Hehe.

I will be posting the video separately. Gives me the chill watching it.

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