Starting this 25th of February, eitheryousinkorswim, my personal blog, will no longer be an anonymous blog as a punishment for not updating it for eternity. Hmm, not that it matters. 🙂 Let’s start anew. But to play it safe, and to avoid hurting feelings, and/or mentioning company names and the like, codenames will still be used.

Updates? Nothing much, really. BUM, exactly three months and five days today, and counting, and that includes my holiday.

What about you guys? I didn’t get to do my usual blog-hopping lately because I’m either out or out or out and did I mention out? Hehe. Out with the bf.

Now, let’s get to the know eitheryousinkorswim.

23 simple facts about me

1. My nickname is Tosca. You’d definitely ask why I have that for a nickname if you know my real name (still not telling you my full name though, because I know my frenemies google my name).

2. I was born on February 11, 1985. Now, let’s do the Math. I just turned 23 two weeks ago.

3. Lately, I’ve been sleeping way, way past bedtime. 5 AM. But I don’t think I still hadn’t adjusted from New Zealand time, which is plus five hours during daylight saving.

4. I love reading books. I’m a fan of John Grisham, Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy and the Harry Potter Series.

5. I don’t say “oh, the book is better than the movie.” Actually, to avoid saying it, I usually watch the movie version first, before reading the actual book. Am I making sense here? 🙂

6. I love watching Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. Anybody else that’s guilty? Somehow, they remind me of the good old days (yeah, right! hehe). 

7. I’m a fan of Ms. Christine Gambito, better known as happyslip.

8. If we were talking right now, I would never fail to mention how beautiful New Zealand is and that you should at least put it in your list of holiday destinations. I know my friends are tired of me mentioning the country.

9. I hate receiving forwarded text messages. No offense to those who love to forward them.

10. I love sushi! 🙂 There’s this sushi place near BFRV’s church. Yum.

11. I’m lazzzzzy. As if I’m the only one. Lol.

12. I admit logging on to Pep for my philippine showbiz news. Hehe.

13. I’m gullible. Hmm. No comment.

14. I like toasted bread with butter and honey.

15. I’m not fashionable, or atleast I try not to be in fashion is the correct term. If a certain fashion stlye is “in” today, I wouldn’t be caught wearing that style. I’ll probably wear one if everyone else is not wearing them anymore.

16. I’m a jeans and shorts type of person. You can count with your fingers and toes the times I wore a dress. Hmm, let’s see. My graduations, my communion, when participating at weddings, what else? I’m having a hard time. Oh, in the future, my wedding gown, I hope.

17. I always choose comfort over style.

18. I can’t live without music. I know, I know, too cheesy?

19. I’m an only child. No, I’m not a spoiled brat.  😀

20. I like fixing things, and somehow, I really can fix things.

21. This might sound boring for some, but I also watch Lifestyle Network.

22. I’m ranting right now, because I wanted to join the Amazing Race Asia 3 but couldn’t find anyone who feels the same. As if, we can get in. 🙂 Today’s the deadline.

23. I’ve got two cats named Nikko and Nikki.

Enough of the 23 facts already! 😀


  1. iris Said:

    hey! you’re back 🙂 don’t worry, i love watching cartoon channels din. im fixated on the pictures like any kid. and sorry i don’t even know who happy slip is! i heard about her pero i don’t know what she did to become famous. 🙂

  2. dru Said:

    Hahaha! I’m pretty much the same. I hardly spend time with wordpress anymore. 😀

    You’re Tosca, huh? Nice name. 🙂

  3. iris Said:

    hey! if you’re back just wanted to let you know i just moved to pa-update naman ng link ko please? 🙂 if you already have, super thanks!

  4. hey sis iris, yep, just updated it. 🙂 cool. bago. 🙂

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