Back or not…

Hi guys!

After not writing for almost a month, I’m back, I guess. Hehe. Anyway, before I went on break last Nov. 20, I could almost tell that a not-so-very-good event’s gonna happen, and yes, I was SOOOO right.

Been reading multiply updates from colleagues and I’m not enjoying the content. It seems that the office scene has become too emotional and chaotic than it ever had. Our account is currently undergoing the “D” word. Downsizing. WTF? Some will be transferred to other accounts, some will be retained in the account, and some, well, I’m not even sure. It’s hard to transition from a non-voice account to a voice account. From what I heard, HR’s been doing interviews to evaluate if the person is qualified.

I feel sad in a way, not for myself, but for my colleagues. I guess, I’m taking this situation as a sign that it’s time for me to move on.

I’m not even hoping to be retained, nor it crossed my mind that our ever-so-good-in-communicating TEAM MANAGER ever picks me, as me and my group in the office once had an issue with him. Well, there’s no issue, if he hadn’t taken it personally. What a power tripper.

I’ve been told that he was the one doing the picking. I say, how can he know who to pick when he doesn’t even talk to his people? All he does is sit in his station, and surf the net for what sites??? I’m guessing, PORN. I’m also guessing that he’s  abusing the use of the Spark Messenger with his ever-so-USER BOSS, our account’s OPERATIONS’ MANAGER, together with the OM’s ever-so-loyal-plastic sidekick who keeps sending company policies in our ever so limited mailbox and whatnot.

I hope he gets to read this!!!

I know you guys hate hate blogs, but I really hate him!!!

Hey, PAUL, fck you!

More updates on next time.


  1. ris Said:

    oi sis bumalik ka nga, stressed naman 😀 take it easy there, ok?

  2. joy Said:

    Nice to know you’re back to blogging, but sorry to hear things aren’t work at the work front. Best of luck with your endeavours in the future!

    Norwich Daily Photo
    The Goddess In You
    Your Love Coach

  3. joanjoyce Said:

    welcome back sis 🙂

    keep your cool madami talagang ganyan sa trabaho 🙂

  4. kengkay Said:

    hahaha, i hope they got to read this, too!

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