No comment

Today is L‘s last day here in the office.  No comment.

November 1 and 2.

Stuck in the office and because of that, I didn’t get to visit my dad in Laguna. How heartless can this company get?

I get pissed off whenever I recieve this Announcement E-mail from the company. Well, especially whenever a holiday thingy is announced. The letter would sometimes state what kind of holiday pay we would be getting. At the end of every e-mail, there’s this phrase, *It’s business as usual for operations.

Well, to hell with that phrase!

American corporation? Parang ginagamit lang ata nila tayo eh. It seems like mas sila ang nagbebenefit, kesa tayo ang mag benefit. Since andito sila sa Pinas, they should follow kung ano ang meron dito. Hindi yung sila ang masusunod. Kung holiday dito, dapat walang work. Like Nov. 1 and 2. Kasi siguro, hindi nila pinapahalagahan ang mga ganung bagay katulad natin dito sa Pilipinas.

And just an advanced shoutout, I’ll be here in the office on Christmas Day and New Year’s day. Wow, talaga. That’s the downside of working for a BPO, I guess.

It’s not about the holiday pay e. It’s more of the moments with the family and friends na nawawala. Napaka unfair.

Medyo na fifeel ko na kuripot sa benefits dito. Hmm, what about the healthcard? Eh, hindi naman ako naoospital e, so lugi ako. 500,000 ba kamo? Eh, hindi ko nga nagamit yung card ko for a year na. Hmm, nagamit ko siya once lang. Dahil wala lang ako magawa non, kaya nagpaconsult ako, kahit wala naman ako sakit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the company that I’m working for, may mga hindi lang talaga ako maintindihan. Yung environment is super okay. But the pay? I’m not speaking for myself but for everyone na din. Yung pay ( in our account)… NO COMMENT.

Yes, okay ang environment, at yung healthcard compared sa ibang BPOs. Pero what about the money incentives? Sa ibang company, nakakalunod.

The only money incentive everyone is looking forward to (at least in my account, not sure with the other accounts)  is the X’mas bonus and the other one bonus that I can’t mention. Other than that, wala na. We don’t even have a mid-year bonus.

Yung friend ko, they have, kahit hindi ganon kaganda ang salary.


I thought I was over this office crap, pero hindi pa pala. I can’t help but rant about it, but I do am thankful that my salary is a bit higher than the minimum wage. Sigh.

Performance-based daw? Or ass-kissing based?

Well, I don’t have anything to say about ass kissers, buhay nila yun. May mga binubuhay sila, so kailangan nilang kumapit sa patalim.


  1. ris Said:

    hehe ganyan talaga. this is where the business is flourishing kaya better opportunities for the government (sila lang, take note). hanap ka na ng ibang work! i say, if you’re not enjoying, it’s time to move on.

  2. correct sis. wait lang ako makatwo years, and then go na. hehe.

  3. dru Said:

    The main reason why I would resign is that if I am no longer happy in the company. 😉

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