prayers please…

Just a moment ago, 10:00 AM, I received an IM from a batchmate in college. She was asking me to include her in my prayers.

I didn’t ask what her problem was, but I can feel that it’s something big, something she feels she cannot handle.

I’m having mixed emotions right now. Sad and a bit surprised. We’re not that close in our batch, but she’s someone I consider a friend. I hope she gets through it, whatever it is.


Approve ang leave ko on Nov 15th to Dec 1. Yey! 🙂 Kaso wala ng pay, kaya pagbalik ko, salary nung Nov 15th at 30th plus ung xmas bonus. Ang pooooor ko. Wala ako salary sa 15th ng Dec. Huhu. Di bale. Regaluhan ninyo nalang ako. 🙂


  1. Approve ang leave ko on Nov 15th to Dec 1. Yey!

    Yay! Enjoy your leave! (while we peons languish…) 😛

  2. dru Said:

    Okay lang yan.. balang araw ililibre mo ako. I can feel it. hahaha!

  3. @david- sure thing. hehe.

    @dru- kuya dru, mas madami kang OT sakin, libre! hihi. j/k. 😀

  4. Ambo Said:

    I will neybor…..

    PS. Vote my blog ha. 😉 thanks thanks

  5. thanks neighborr. para san ang vote ko? hehe. pero cge. vote ko blog mo.

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