I’ve been exchangin e-mails with my cousin in New Zealand. And the more we write each other, the more I get excited to visit them. From what she writes me, there’re a ton of things that I’d get to do aside from the parasailing thingy that we’d be doing for her birthday.

There’d be a lot of swimming and going to the beach, and a lot of walking too. I should bring a lot of sun block ’cause I literally “burn” easily. Wahaha.

We’re also planning to do a roadtrip (if time permits) to Tauranga.

Sorry if I bore you with my excitement, it’s just that I’m happy that I’d be able to travel again. The last time I went out the country was like ages ago, when my mom took me for a vacation to Singapore and Malaysia.

Back on the local side of things

Plans for my restdays:

I’ll be helping the BF with his paperwork etc. But before helping him, he would have to drive me first to the grocery store ’cause I need to buy some stuff.

And on Monday, I’ll be renewing my passport.

Better get back to work.


  1. Laarni Said:

    I just back from vacation and still don’t know who to blog about it. lol.

  2. hey laarni
    welcome back! 😀

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