I don’t know if I’m gonna have my monthly visit but I sure was moody yesterday and the day before yesterday. Oh, yes. I was super Bitchy.

Over at lunch today:

I just learned that High School Musical star Vanessa, known as Gabriella in the show has caught the public’s eye because of a circulating nude pic on-line. I’m not sure if there are other photos of her naked, but here’s what I’m talking about, VANESSA’s nude pic. It was also reported that she already admitted that it really was her on that said pic. Sigh, that’s all I can say. It’s just that everything’s going kinda well for her and then baamm, this thing happened. 

See you on tuesday… I’m not sure if I’d be able to post tomorrow and on monday, ’cause I’d rather not open the computer on restdays.


  1. See you Tuesday! *burp*

  2. Laarni Said:

    Hmm. It must be fake. waaaa!

  3. eitheryousinkorswim Said:

    Yeah see you. Happy Birthday nga pla. D ka nagsasalita hehe.

  4. eitheryousinkorswim Said:

    wahhh… sana nga po doorlight eh… sigh

  5. Laarni Said:

    update: i heard it on 24 hours (GMA news) yesterday. Totoo nga na siya daw un. waaa.

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