rain and stuff

There’s a storm ( i think) and I’m here in the office. How crappy can it get? I want to go home. Sleep and not waste my time here. My therapy for today is Akon’s I WANNA LOVE YOU. I’m not really into rnb but somehow the sound of the song relaxes me.

I’m not about to rant too much about work but looking at my timesheet and seeing my filed overtimes, something’s not right. Almost 21 hours of filed overtime. Whew. And for this pay period, I have already filed almost 8 hours of overtime. Good thing that it’s not an OTy, we do get paid, but you actually don’t feel the extra pay because a big part of it goes to my tax. Jeez. Enough about work. It makes me sick.



  1. dru Said:

    Well, think about this:
    In our office, when we are requested to render overtime, by the end of the first 15 days, we’ve already filed for 40+ up to 100+ hours of overtime depending on how busy we are.

    Okay pa yan. Relax lang. It’s not that I’m comparing your office with ours, it’s just that you shouldn’t look at this so negatively. At least you’re compensated for your extra hours. 🙂

  2. eitheryousinkorswim Said:

    wow, 100 hours? you go, dru. that sure is a lot and heck, i’m here complaining. shame on me. thanks for sharing that. 🙂

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