I’m 22 but I can be childlike at times. I love to be around people and make friends with them. I don’t have any brothers nor any sisters to share the attention with my parents, but I was never a spoiled brat. My parents never showered me with expensive gifts nor things, so I wasn’t used to having the latest whatever it is that is out at a particular period. Don’t get me wrong, I was never deprived. I’m thankful that at a very young age, my parents taught me to not value material things. Well, not entirely not value but to appreciate the things that I do have.

It was sort of a preparation, I guess, for unexpected things like death. Yep. When Dad died when I was 16, money became a problem because we used up almost all our money for his medication and hospital bills. Somehow, we managed to survive. Since then, my Mom single-handedly raised me, got me through college and managed to give me a not so grand but average lifestyle. I often wonder how we got through it all. You see, my Mom doesn’t have a fixed salary. She’s a real estate broker so she basically relies on commissions. I’m thinking that she also got help from her sisters abroad. Hmm.

Now about  this L ( stands for loser a.k.a. Fatgirl). 

L thinks I kiss ass (hell no, btw). I don’t need to kiss ass because like her, I love what I was doing back then (my job).  L thinks I’m l’l Miss Friendship ( well I’m friendly, so to hell with you!)

The problem with L is that she thinks highly of herself.  Well, imagine this, you think you’re passionate with your job but for L, you’re hell not passionate and that’s she’s the only one who’s passionate. Got that?That self-righteous bitch! It’s as if she’s the only person in the world. Wow. Anyway, you wouldn’t last 2 straight weeks with her unless you have something in common. What that thing is, I dare not say. :p L likes to rant about work and how she’s not being recognized and all. And when you’re with L, it has to be about her all the time. How sickening could that get?

L talks about how she hates lil miss friendships but she’s so trying to fit in and get everyone’s attention. L says, “this is me, deal with it.” Um, hello? I’ve made enough adjustments for you and you’ve reached my limit.  

Now, I feel like I have an L disease or something. My group can’t stop talking about her at lunch. She’s been a constant topic. Gosh. Am I losing it?

Wake up! Me Again.

I’m guilty of still watching cartoons and kids’ stuff. I like chick flicks, teen movies etc. I love Adam Sandler movies and the Disney Channel. I love watching anime and korean movies and series. I love going to Timezone and going to the mall and watching movies and eating out. So I guess what I’m trying to say is I feel like I can be a kid again whenever I want to.

No more thoughts.


Complicated entry.

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