realizations in life and in work

I’ve been struggling these past few days. A part of me wants to move on and find another job, another part of me wants to stay because of the people and the work environment, and the salary and the benefits  and the fun of free Internet. Sucks, huh? I know I may sound lame. You may say that if I’m not happy anymore, then I should quit and find another job. You see, it’s easy to say that, but it’s definitely hard for me to do. I have my reasons for staying, but I do have a lot of reasons for quitting. The main factor or reason is stress. I’m stressed.

I miss Production badly. Last Sunday, I went to a shoot for my friend’s school project, it was loads of fun. Sigh. I wish I could practice my actual profession, but come to think of it, what I’m doing at work is somewhat related to what I may have been doing. However, staying at the office kills me. It would be nice if I can do fieldwork from time to time, but that’s super impossible. All we do here is watch, listen, listen, edit. Can you now picture what I’m doing at the office all day long? But there’re perks, so I guess that balances everything out. For one, we get to watch movies ( I cannot name titles ’cause of confidentiality thingy), series, talkshows, celeb interviews and many more. Oh well. That’s about it.

Bottomline is do I actually want to stay or move on? That I cannot really answer with a clear mind right now.

Ciao. ♥

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  1. Katulad ng sinabi ni Morpheus kay Neo, free your mind. 😉

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