I’ve been absent from work since Wednesday. I have a bad case of flu and it suxx. Since it is contagious, the doctor asked me to rest for atleast 3 days or until I’m feeling much better. Everything started last tuesday. At around 3 p.m,  both my hands and feet felt cold, that never happened before, so I went down to the clinic to have my temperature taken. The nurse said I had a slight fever. I went back to work but I really am not feeling well. I asked one of my supervisor if it’s okay to go home at exactly 6 p.m, and she said it’s okay. I went back to the clinic to have my temperature taken, again. This time, it’s 39degrees.

I feel weak, my throat aches, I vomitted thrice last night, I have no appetite, and my stomach isn’t really at its best either.



  1. Get well soon! As of this comment, wala kaming ginagawa rito. 😛

  2. dru Said:

    Aww. 😦 Actually, I haven’t been 100% healthy since last week. There’s a bug going around.

    Drink lots of liquids, water-treatment, calamansi juice, and take medication.. Don’t forget to eat too.

    Force yourself even if you have to, whoever said not eating will make you healthier? 😛

  3. Simple Girl Said:

    Hey get well soon!! I am not exactly feeling well either, been having flu for the past month.. I guess its because of the climate change during the past few weeks.. Weekend is coming! Rest welll!!

  4. eitheryousinkorswim Said:

    Hey guys thanks. Better take extra care of yourselves. It’s not that fun to stay at home doing nothing, and it sure is no fun to be sick. 🙂

    Dru, that’s exactly what my doctor said. hehe Thanks. 🙂

    Simplegirl, enjoy your weekend and avoid getting sick. 🙂 How’s your 4th of july?

    David, cool. Petiks. ooops, wrong word, pahinga. See you guys on Tuesday.

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