bitterness. let me just this once.

This fat girl can’t help but be bitter. Arggh. Honey, do me a favor and shut your big mouth up. I really feel sorry for you so you might as well kill yourself and be gone!!! Get me out of your system, please?!? Believe me, you wouldn’t want me to be staying in your system ’cause I’ll suck your blood out and you’d wish that you stopped when I told you to stop and when I told you to get me out of your system. Are you stupid or something? ‘Cause if I’m right, you’re claiming that you have ambition and that you’re focused, determined and GORGEOUS, then if you are, try getting me out of your system and stop being bitter. God, am I always your subject? Gee, you should put my name next time so that people can search my name and then they’d see your blog, now that’s what I call help. Yeah, why don’t you try that so that your blog will have that much needed traffic. God, I feel like I’m the mother of all your anxiety and rejection issues. RETARD IN AND OUT! I’m not being mean. I’m protecting and defending myself from whatever bad energy you have. And stop spreading rumors about me, especially when your somewhat exaggerated thoughts are up and firing. And please, post some not so exagerrated stuff. I know who you are and what you do so stop hiding from what you’re not!!!

About this post:

One-time mean post…

Ps. Comments on this post will not be approved. You’re not allowed to comment ’cause you don’t know the real deal.


  1. Simple Girl Said:

    hey I found your blog, hope you don’t mind? =)

    Yah man, complain your heart out and you will feel much better.. *hugx*

  2. eitheryousinkorswim Said:

    Pss. There are some exceptions to the rule though. 🙂

  3. chuvaness Said:

    hot na hot. ay naku, i have some issues like that din sa opis…

  4. chuvaness Said:

    ang payo ko lang sayo eh either you sink or swim, bahala ka na


  5. eitheryousinkorswim Said:

    ang payo ko lang sayo eh either you sink or swim, bahala ka na

    ehehe… thanks sis.

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