SmartBro: Broadband ng Bayan?


I just saw their new TVC and that’s their tagline! LIE! PURE LIE!

The speed is great (sometimes).

The service sucks big time!!! I’m writing from experience.

I should have subscribed to PLDT DSL, or GLOBE BROADBAND.

I pay my bills regularly, and yet, it wasn’t worth it after all.

This suxxxx.

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  1. 1dir Said:

    The bad news is that there will never be a solution to the Smartbro problem, and here’s why:,1697,2170719,00.asp

    There are tens of thousand of hits in a google search for this smartbro problem. Smart is ripping of many people and this is a problem of national importance. Consider the amount of money that smart is stealing. Stealing from hard working folks, folks that rely on their internet connection for their school, work, business, and communication around the globe.

    It looks like smart will continue the ripoff by appearing to be concerned and providing dubious support and building false hopes of problem resolution. The problem will continue because it’s unsolveable.

    Smart may be just keeping the cash flowing in for now, and plan to roll out WiMax sometime in the future when they can no longer deceive subscribers.

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