I hate it when people LIE. LIARS make me wanna get a barf bag.

Whatever the reasons are for telling a lie, it is still wrong and at the same time sickening. I want the truth at all times even if it’ll hurt.

Last night, I was angry ’cause I caught somebody lying. If you’re going to lie, then don’t get caught. I easily can tell if a person is lying.

A friend of mine recently got hurt, a matter of the heart thing. And I feel her pain. And now, I hate the guy. Let’s call him “Boy.”

Right from the start, I knew that there’s something wrong about Boy. I don’t want to judge him but garrrrr, I want to kick him right where his balls are!!! They didn’t last that long, but my friend, truthfully and honestly loved him within that short period of time that they were together. They parted ways for a lame reason that my friend tried to understand. Eventually, she found out something about Boy that I wish she hadn’t found out.


But what can I do about it? This isn’t a perfect world. I am not perfect. I commit mistakes. The least people can do is TRY to be honest. For once, just try. With a simple lie, life can be a whole lot different. Gosh. Would you trust someone who lied to you? Sure, but not completely, right?


Spelled as T-R-U-S-T. A simple word, yet so deep. Hard to get but easy to destroy. It’s hard to trust again. That’s all I can say.


  1. David Said:

    then don’t get caught.

    He he, a friend of mine kept banging that through my thick skull.

    I’m sure your friend will bounce back. Just be there for her.

  2. eitheryousinkorswim Said:

    Hehe, thanks, Dave. I hope so too.
    And yes, Dont get caught. hehe, or else…

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