Week ahead and some word…

I’m not sure whether I’d be able to update this blog during the weekdays, unless the I.T. gods in the office will take WordPress off of their surfcontrolled list or if we do have “petiks” mode in the office. Petiks, filipino word for downtime or not doing anything at all inside the office but just surfing the net and doing stuffs not related to work. 

What I’m likely to do the whole week:

Day 1: Tuesday, probably work my ass off ( although I’m crossing my fingers that people from outside the country would not flood us with too much work.). If I didn’t have to work the extra hours, then I would probably hit the gym with a colleague. Luckily, we do have our own gym at the office. Whew. Thinking about what’s gonna happen tomorrow makes me want to not go to work. I’ll probably go home around 1030pm.

Day 2: Wednesday, Baclaran day (happens every Wednesday), which means it’s gonna be trafficcc. I hate Wednesdays’cause buses are usually full and I have to remain standing until everyone else gets to Baclaran. I wish Baclaran was located someplace else. Office routine. Probably same as yesterday, but this time I’m hoping for lesser files. Oh, and by the way, on the afternoon, i get to see how much I’m gonna get this 31st.

Day 3: Thursday, 2 more days til Saturday. I can’t wait for rest days. Same routine. Hmm. PAYDAY, woohoo. I wish I get to enjoy my money, but sadly, I can’t.  Pay some bills and then some more bills. Gosh.

Day 4: Friday, by this time, I’m probably tired from all of the routinary work I’ve done for the past 3 days. Woohoo. Last day. Hope there’d be no OTRD.

Day 5: Saturday, I don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I hope that I’d get to enjoy my rest day. I’m actually looking forward to the weekend get-away that my friend and I planned.

Pictured my week? How about yours? 

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