The Color Green

When I was younger, I used to love going to the province ’cause of the scenery. There’s green things everywhere. I like the color green ’cause, somehow, it kinda cools my eyes. There’s something about green that makes my mind wander and relax.

Yesterday, I went to Laguna to visit my father’s grave. I was so anticipating the beauty of nature welcoming me as we breeze through it, but instead, I was welcomed by less green stuff and more of a construction site. I’m talking about the South Super Highway, the Highway that gets you to the southern tagalog area. The road which used to have patches of green grass that separates it in the middle are all gone. Well, not entirely gone, there are still some but eventually, it’ll all be gone, too.

From what I see, they are trying to widen the road. 😦 sad.

I hate it. Those green grasses were a part of my childhood memory and they took it.

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