YES, I work for a BPO company, but NO, I do not take calls. There’re people who despise call center agents, or call center companies, need i say more? They have their own opinions but please, though I am not taking calls, could you please be more discreet about your opinions.

One year and counting still, I have met a lot of people, and most of them are my friends now. We work our asses off, so who are you to say that this is not WORK, and it doesn’t count as a WORK EXPERIENCE?

Let’s just be fair and avoid judging people. If working in an office is your kind of thing, then go ahead. It is your choice. 🙂

Last March ’06, I was lost and afraid that I’d be counted as one of the many graduating students who’s jobless. I looked for a job two weeks after my graduation and got rejected many times. But, in the end i realized, again, there is a reason why i got rejected. Now, I’m happy with my work and happy wit my life and I’m happy to be surrounded by people that inspire me to do good in my life and work. Being good at everything and anything, being smart, or being a genius is not enough to survive the real world. You have to learn how to work with people and be with people. If you know how to respect them and their needs, and their so-called moodswings, then you’ll come out alive. Know how to work with them. There is no “I” in TEAM.

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