Halo halo.. mixmix


I thought that after the defense, life if not easier, would be a bit easier.. It didn’t. Apparently, I was given a not very long list of things to do.. It’s part of the requirements fo graduation.. I’m not complaining, but my energy has gone down from 8 to 3.. if you know what i mean. I have to balance everything.. from study to making my significant other happy.. although i admit that Im kinda losing touch and losing time with gelo because of my hectic schedule, if hectic is the right word. Thankfully, he never complains that much.. We still see each other everyday but we never really had a good talk of what has happened to us during the day. We are together, but my mind is too tired to ask him how his day was. It’s like thank you and good bye..

Scene1: (Me texting him)

My Text: Palabas na ko. Punta kna Jbi. (I’m on my way out. Go to jollibee now.)
His Text: Okay

Scene2: (Jbi)
Me: Sorry ang tagal ko. Dami Stop over eh..(Sorry it took so long.. Had a lot of stop overs)
Him: Tara (Let’s go)

Scene 3: (Bus)
Me: Nakakapagod sobra.. (It really is tiring)
Him: ……

Scene 4: (House)
Me: Uwi kna. Kita nlng bukas.. text text nlng..(Go home see you tomorrow.. Let’s just text each other)
Him: Sige, bye.. (Alright, bye)
Me: Kiss..

That happened almost everyday.. thank God that everything went back to normal after the defense.

Lighter side..
Last week i bought The Matrix, reloaded, and revolution.. I once again liked Keanu Reeves.. i dont care whether he’s gay or not.. another celeb that i fancy is Kwon sang woo.. Am i talking shit? hope not, but who cares.. i really like them.. lol

Please pray that i get a job at PAL. Im hoping and believing i can make it there.. I dont wanna be a bummer for the rest of my life..

I dont know what’s wrong but i couldnt post any pictures here… grrr,,

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