I am Hate

I am anger…

My world is hate…

I am full of anger….
The truth is, i’m not mad, nor angry, i’m more of depressed. I really can’t tell you the reason why I am like this today. Let me put it this way, i really felt useless, and unproductive today. And there is person B. He never said i was this useless and unproductive but that is what he’s been telling me by the way he acted around me and by the way he treated me the whole day that we were together. Am I paranoid? Maybe, but i never felt it with Persons C,D, and E. It has always been person B. But I don’t blame person B. Maybe I am useless.
My opinions were never considered, but I never really cared.
I feel deeply saddened because I agreed without even questioning his suggestions, and tried hard to absorb his opinions, still, Person B remained insensitive. =( I hope Person B never gets to read this. But if he did get a chance, Person B, there’s nothing bad about this blog. Sorry if my mood strucked me to write this, it ain’t you, it’s all about me.

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