Busy but happy

I’ve been busy.. As in super busy..

As I’ve said, I attended a retreat, I hope it affected me in some way. I was back last Friday, but too pissed off to write an entry. Another petty quarrel that I wouldn’t elaborate anymore. Ask Nethyis because I believe I told him about it but I really don’t remember. Sorry. And so I was away for like 3 days. Away from home and the busy life in school. I was so happy being away from all the things, problems, etc. Coming home meant being the same person, moody etc. And not to mention, coming home to Manila, you know what I mean, going back to my busy fucked up life.

I went to school. My day went well and I was away from home again, but not in a retreat this time. Because I was back to busy mode, I slept at my thesis mate’s house to do our chapters 1 and 2. At that time, I was so missing my bed and of course my computer. we slept at 3 a.m.

My rest day. Finally. I bought some cds, just some local bands here in the Philippines, but I really like ’em… Gelo bought Deep Purple, and I bought Live and 311. I was also busy sorting out my Mp3s.. Nothing really nice to blog.

I woke up early, and did my usual morning habits such as taking a bath etc. the BF picked me up at around 10 in the morning and we bought some more cds. More local bands again. I brought my camera with me because I haven’t done my assignment in photojourn yet. At BF’s place, i took some photographs, after which we just bum around, listen to cds etc. At around 4 in the afternoon, i decided to go home. He stayed for a while but then I told him to go home so that he can rest too. I sorted my Mp3s again..Boring isnt it?

I hope i’m not boring you.

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  1. Nethyis Said:

    lol. i’m not bored. u just hadn’t blogged (is that the right word?) for a while so I thought i’d try and hassle you :p

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